4 Tips for Finding a Job

Finding a job can be a daunting task. We spend so much time focusing on how to write the perfect resume and how to ace the interview that we sometimes forget how difficult it can be to just find jobs to apply for! If you are falling into this category, here are 5 tips that will help you find a job.

  1. Search Around: It might sound silly, but a lot of people get stuck only looking for jobs on one site. Of course Purdue offers myCCO, which is a great job search tool but there are also many other sites out there! LinkedIn and professional associations within your field, all offer constant job postings.giphy2
  2. Connect with People: Have you ever heard the expression, it’s not what you know but who you know? Well when it comes to finding job opportunities, this can be the case! 80% of jobs are secured through Networking, not simply applying. Get on LinkedIn and connect with professionals in your desired profession. The Purdue Center for Career Opportunities, offers students and alums a great place to connect in their LinkedIn group. anigif_enhanced-16510-1394750146-8
  3. Talk to Companies: Even though a company isn’t marketing a job posting, doesn’t mean there aren’t ones available. Sometimes all it takes is a little inquiring. If there is a specific company you really like, try sending in your resume or contacting their HR department. Even if they don’t have anything available right now, doesn’t mean they won’t contact you in the future!Talking-on-the-phone-GIF
  4. Work on Yourself: In the meantime, continue to work on your resume and boosting your experiences! Try volunteering or taking some classes relating to your desired field. This way, when the perfect job opportunity presents itself, you will have no problem snatching it up!spongebob

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