From Engineer to Executive: CCO Feature Workshop

Beverly Mentzer, ExxonMobil retiree and leader in the field of chemical engineering, will be leading the “From Engineer to Executive” workshop on Tuesday, October 4th, from 5:30-6:30pm in Stewart room 320.
During the workshop she will share the story of her career by describing how technical jobs helped her moved up the managerial ladder, her role as an expanding influence outside Exon Mobil both nationally and internationally, and her global leadership and responsibilities.
Students will also learn about techniques to grow their knowledge in skills outside areas of engineering, how to overcome challenges in the field and communication tips such as the  importance of working with and through people. Mrs. Mentzer will advise students how to get a head start towards career success and break down the challenges she’s had and the jobs she liked and didn’t like.


Beverly Mentzer retired from ExxonMobil after working 33 years in both domestic and international engineering and managerial positions. During her career, she traveled extensively and held 16 positions – from entry level engineer to Vice-President.

She graduated with a BS degree in chemical engineering, then started her career by providing technical support for global affiliates. She worked in US onshore and offshore oil & gas operations – leading engineers, geoscientists and onsite operations staff.  She then managed commercial and regulatory work for Lower-48 and Alaskan pipelines.  Following a transfer to London. she had responsibility for all aspects of ExxonMobil’s non-operated assets in the UK North Sea and worked closely with the UK government and international operators.  She was then responsible for ensuring functional excellence in the global production engineering workforce and leading PhDs who developed distinguishing equipment and processing technology for ExxonMobil’s global operations.

She has a dual career marriage to Ray, a PhD chemical engineer, and they have two children.  Nate is a mechanical engineer and Rebecca is an economist.

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