From La Grange to London, Meet Meagan Finucane

Meagan Finucane is a senior studying public relations and strategic communication with a double minor in business leadership and Spanish. The La Grange, Illinois native is not afraid of committing herself to the opportunities that come her way. This is proven through her involvement in several organizations on campus. She’s the chief of staff for the Purdue Foundation Student Board, president of PRSSA, and a mentor for the Rising Professionals program. And if that seems like a lot, she’s also running for homecoming queen this year. These leadership positions have allowed Meagan to grow personally and professionally throughout her years at Purdue and she’s far from being done.

Meagan Finucane


Q: Where did you work/intern over the summer?
A: Bryan, Morel PR, a Fashion PR Firm in London, England

Q: What was the best part about that experience?
A:  Being able to travel, meet and work with so many different kinds of people from around the world. Having the chance to take myself out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Q: Do you believe that experience helped you to grow professionally? If so, in what way?
A: Absolutely. I had a chance to explore and really push myself to try new things. I had to go out of my way to learn how to communicate with others who were not from America. I had to learn how business is done across the world and how to communicate my message so that all would understand what needed to be done.

Q: How do you feel that your education at Purdue helped you while working for this company/organization?
A: Purdue has been a blessing and amazing learning experience for me. It is my relationships through being involved on campus that has impacted me the most during my time here. My hard work in the classroom has prepared me to take on leadership which opened my eyes to learning new ways of thought and execution. Learning to appreciate the theories and the research allowed me to have a “leg-up” on my competitors.

Q: What career readiness tools has Purdue provided you with?
A: Working at the CCO has had a huge impact on me. I have been taught not only the proper ways to professionally conduct myself in a business atmosphere, but also how to articulate my ideas in a succinct manner. The free services provided by the CCO, the CLA career center, the various clubs and organizations I have gotten a chance to be involved in various clubs and activities which has allowed me the chance to network with amazing individuals. Many career tools Purdue provides are FREE, you just have to take the time to look around and notice them. The CCO is a great place to start… take advantage of what they offer!

Q: Is there any advice you would give to fellow Purdue students regarding the process of applying for jobs and internships?
A: You can never start too early. Get involved and ask questions. College is the time to spend finding what YOU love and finding what YOU want to do with your life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and reach out for advice. By getting involved in organizations you are able to meet incredible people and learn so much outside of the classroom about yourself. Don’t be afraid to work hard and have fun! Learning is such a gift, we are so lucky to go to a special place that prepares us for the real world. Take a second to appreciate all you have and to remember you are a boilermaker and there are many people wanting you to succeed!



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