Staying Positive in the Job Search

The weather is changing, summer is approaching and students across campus are feeling the effects of a paralyzing condition.  The job search. Symptoms of a student searching for a job include, but are not limited to: agonizing self-analysis, waves of panic, unceasing stress, nostalgically binge reading 90s buzzfeed articles, and creating dramatically pessimistic projections of … Continue reading Staying Positive in the Job Search

Personal Branding: Just Do It

Whether we realize it or not, brands influence us. The Union Starbucks always has a line even though there’s a coffee station a few counters down. Barrilla pasta still makes sales, even though there’s an identical product with a Great Value label right next to it. And have you ever brought up Coke to a … Continue reading Personal Branding: Just Do It

Perks of a Phone Interview

“Congratulations! Our recruiters enjoyed talking with you. We’d like to get to know you a little bit more. Please email times you’re available for about 30 minutes and we’ll schedule a phone interview for some time next week.” - A recruiter turning my excitement into panic in a matter of seconds                                       Let’s be honest, … Continue reading Perks of a Phone Interview