Dream Company Networking

When heading toward your dream company, you need to pass two intersections: one that will determine the direction of your career/ industry and the other inquiring your networking strategy.  Since you already have a dream company in mind, you have successfully turned the “right” way at the first intersection toward your dream career.  Now, you’re … Continue reading Dream Company Networking


For some reason, a negative stigma is connected with recommendation letters. When I was a freshman, I thought that “recommendation letter” had a deeper meaning; it was either the coordination headache or the hardest obstacle of the application. However, even though you might be as convinced as I was that the deeper meaning was true, … Continue reading NEED A GREAT RECOMMENDATION LETTER? NO PROBLEM

TEAMS: A Simple Acronym that Works

According to Forbes Magazine, the primary skills that recruiters for all majors look for in a candidate are leadership, diverse communication, philanthropy, and teamwork.  Of the four skills, only one doesn’t contain the letter “I”; teamwork.  This means two things: first, “I” doesn’t exist in the word teams and second, the letter doesn’t exist in … Continue reading TEAMS: A Simple Acronym that Works