SEMI Professional Development Seminar

Career Connections in the Micro- and Nano- Electronics Industries Connecting College Students to Industry! Learn about career opportunities in high tech. Acquire valuable, practical information that will help you choose career directions and plan for success. This seminar will help students to meet the demands of today’s high tech work force and to be successful … Continue reading SEMI Professional Development Seminar

5 Reasons to Pursue a Non-Profit Career

What is a nonprofit? Nonprofits are organizations that work to improve the common good of society in some way, typically through charitable, educational, scientific or religious means (usnews). According to a 2012 report by the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University, nonprofit employment represents 10.1 percent of total employment in the United … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Pursue a Non-Profit Career

5 Job Trends in 2015

Faster internet, new technologies, and social changes are changing the face of the modern office and career paths. 2015 is looking like a year that's going to seriously shakeup the workplace. We've listed 5 things to expect: 1. More Freelancers ( A 2014 study by E-Lance, shows that 53 million Americans, 34% of U.S. workers … Continue reading 5 Job Trends in 2015

5 Ways to Improve Your Vocal Delivery in Interviews

A large part of the impression you make in an interview comes from vocal delivery, not what you say, but how you say it. Your vocal delivery can hugely influence your perceived confidence and competence. It is also one of your best tools to communicate your passion and excitement. Here are some tips you can … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Vocal Delivery in Interviews

CDPI Virtual Career Fair – Feb 26 2015

On February 26 2015, the Career Development Professionals of Indiana, Inc. (CDPI) will be hosting the State of Indiana Collegiate Talent Search Virtual Career Fair. This online career fair is open to Students & Alumni across All majors from 16 Indiana Colleges & Universities, including Purdue University. To register or learn more, click here.