How to Conduct an Informational Interview

How to Conduct an Informational Interview?  Informational interviews are conducted in order to find new information regarding a particular industry or company by talking to people one already knows or to those who have been referred to one. Identify an Occupation or Career Path The first step in conducting an informational interview is to identify … Continue reading How to Conduct an Informational Interview


It’s on the mind of every student looking at a grad school application, or internship, or full-time position in a company – do my grades really matter? Even if you were an outstanding student in high school, now you’re in college and in no time you have a ton of assignments and papers getting added to … Continue reading HOW MUCH DO GRADES MATTER?

Unsure about your major? You’re not alone!

Clock’s ticking! It’s time to email your academic advisor about your plans for next semester and you find yourself in an ambiguous predicament on where you must turn! Sound familiar? Good news, you’re not alone! Research by Penn State and other credible institutions has shown that up to 80 percent of students entering college admit … Continue reading Unsure about your major? You’re not alone!