Soft Skills: Receiving Feedback

In the workplace and life in general, receiving feedback and criticism is a difficult thing. In the last entry of our core series we discussed strategies to improve doling out feedback, but now we’ll discuss the less covered process of receiving feedback. First we must understand that when it comes to feedback there are always … Continue reading Soft Skills: Receiving Feedback


Soft Skills: Giving Feedback

In the professional world, advice on how to give feedback is abundant, but often focuses on the wrong areas. For example, a commonly toted strategy is to sandwich negative criticism between two positive pieces of praise. Such an approach overlooks the important fact that people simply aren’t that gullible. If you placed two pieces of … Continue reading Soft Skills: Giving Feedback

3 Benefits of Using Glassdoor

Upon the many job search engine apps, deciding which one is the best can be complicated. Many seem to offer the same benefits such as searching for jobs, personal recommendations, and applying in one click, but Glassdoor offers features that are very unique. 1. Interview Questions So you’ve applied for the perfect job/internship and received … Continue reading 3 Benefits of Using Glassdoor

5 Things Recruiters Notice about You

With all the recruiters around the CCO office this week, I took some time to talk to a few and give you some insight into how they think and what they notice about you as a student! Passion: While speaking with one recruiter, she told me that what she loves about her job is seeing … Continue reading 5 Things Recruiters Notice about You

A New Home for the Pre-Professional Advising Office

Think you know all about the CCO? Did you know that the Pre-Professional Advising office joined the Purdue CCO team? Learn more about the move by reading through this interview with the Director of Pre-Professional advising, Amy Terstriep. 1. Why did the Pre-Professional Advising office combine with the Purdue CCO? The primary reason for combining … Continue reading A New Home for the Pre-Professional Advising Office