Soft Skills: Teamwork

Teams are an essential part of most professional careers. At one point or another most jobs require some form of teamwork, therefore the importance of working well in a group setting is undeniable. Here are some strategies to effectively collaborate with others in the workplace: Check your ego at the door. Often stated, rarely executed, … Continue reading Soft Skills: Teamwork


We’re Hiring! Become a 2017-18 CCO Peer Consultant

Working at the CCO is one of the best, and most wise decisions I have ever made. For those who don’t know, Purdue’s Center for Career Opportunities hires students to guide other students and alumni through what can be challenging professional development documents and questions. The CCO provides valuable services to Purdue students, including resume … Continue reading We’re Hiring! Become a 2017-18 CCO Peer Consultant

Soft Skills: Conflict Resolution

“Can you tell me about a time you had a conflict at work?” You’ve likely heard of or even been asked this very question during an interview. Hiring managers gravitate towards this question so often because conflict management remains an essential soft skill and an inherent indicator of a candidate’s interpersonal skills. Here are some … Continue reading Soft Skills: Conflict Resolution

3 Benefits of Using Glassdoor

Upon the many job search engine apps, deciding which one is the best can be complicated. Many seem to offer the same benefits such as searching for jobs, personal recommendations, and applying in one click, but Glassdoor offers features that are very unique. 1. Interview Questions So you’ve applied for the perfect job/internship and received … Continue reading 3 Benefits of Using Glassdoor