Workforce Recruitment Program for highly-motivated students with disabilities

The "Workforce Recruitment Program" [WRP] provides current undergraduate and graduate students, Veterans, as well as recent graduates with disabilities the opportunity to apply for short-term and permanent positions within various Federal agencies. Sometimes, private companies with Federal contracts will also use the WRP to recruit well-qualified candidates. Students in all fields of study are eligible to apply. [...]


Versatile PhDs at Purdue University!

Doctoral students at Purdue, have you begun exploring your post-PhD options? One of the resources* to help you explore careers beyond academia is The Versatile PhD [VPhD], and The Graduate School and Center for Career Opportunities [CCO] are now offering you access to this wonderful resource! [Scroll down to see how you can sign up.] VPhD [...]

Diversity Statements for academic job applications

Academic job postings --- tenure track, adjunct, post-doc --- asking applicants for a Diversity Statement is a relatively new phenomenon. [Note that STEM departments are also asking for such statements.] Some hiring departments want a separate document while others want your discussion of diversity embedded within other documents (sometimes specified, e.g. cover letters, and other [...]

Reasons to not attend a career fair

“Why do so many graduate students and post-docs not take advantage of the Graduate Student Career Fair or other fairs on Purdue’s campus?”, we wondered. In this blog post, we identify some of their reasons, and discuss why they aren’t such great reasons after all: I want a faculty job. Universities don’t recruit at career [...]

Why should I, a graduate student, attend a career fair?

Dear student, noble member of the storied class of overworked and underpaid apprentice scholars, here’s why you should attend the Graduate Career Fair at Purdue: (1) Location, location, location. It’s not very often in life that recruiters will travel to your town, wanting to talk to you about employment. Seriously. Attend the career fair in [...]