Making life-changing decisions can be daunting, but often it’s not the choice that scares us but rather the uncertainty that awaits us. This week’s feature student is no stranger to making life-changing decisions, and it’s how he tackles change that’s remarkable. Rahul Patni came to Purdue as a Mechanical Engineering major. He had his heart … Continue reading #IAMGOLDEN STUDENT FEATURE: RAHUL PATNI


#iamgolden, ARE YOU?

https://youtu.be/UuUBrfYTm8I The Tale Of the Golden Nugget: No one knows when the Golden Nugget was first sighted. Some say it was left over from Purdue’s groundbreaking in 1871. Others say it was created in a lab and imbued with the capacity to bring success to any Boilermaker by Purdue’s very first graduate, Chemistry major John … Continue reading #iamgolden, ARE YOU?