The One Question You Might Be Answering Totally Wrong In Interviews

As you're preparing for interviews, you most likely look things up like common interview questions, how to answer them, and also research the company. These things are all good — and knowing yourself and coming prepared to an interview will help you present yourself as a strong candidate. With 340% more on-campus interviews than the … Continue reading The One Question You Might Be Answering Totally Wrong In Interviews

15 Common Interview Questions

Here are 15 interview questions you can use for practice before the big day. As explained in How to Prepare for an Interview don't try to memorize answers, rather, use these questions to exercise verbally expressing your thoughts and experiences. Personal Tell me about yourself. (Trad.) Why did you choose to interview with our organization? … Continue reading 15 Common Interview Questions

Answering Interview Questions

Here's how to answer the two types of questions that you will be asked during your interview. Click here if you'd like to see a few sample interview questions while reading this guide. 1. Two Types of Interview Questions Traditional: These are open-ended, situational, or future oriented questions. They do not require a structured answer … Continue reading Answering Interview Questions

How to Prepare for an Interview

Congratulations! You have gotten through the application process and your hard work has finally paid off. The next step is to go back and read the interview offer carefully and send an email, thanking your contact for the invitation and accepting the offer to interview. Depending on how your contact wants to interview you, you … Continue reading How to Prepare for an Interview