Fall CCO Workshops


Emerging Employers Career Fair 2016

Working for a start-up has many benefits, from being able to actually contribute to the growth of the company, to having more responsibility and the ability to take initiative. If you're passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, considering a career at a start-up might be a great option for you. The Emerging Employers Career Fair is … Continue reading Emerging Employers Career Fair 2016

Meeting Recruiters – The Perfect Handshake

First impressions are critical. Your first few seconds of interaction with a recruiter will likely effect how the recruiter perceives you throughout your interaction and handshakes can make or break first impressions. Here's your guide the perfect handshake. 1. Introductions First - Extend Your Voice Before Your Hand If you're initiating an introduction with a recruiter (or anyone for … Continue reading Meeting Recruiters – The Perfect Handshake

LinkedIn Discussion: Career Fair and Interview Tips from Alumni and Recruiters

Getting ready for a career fair or interview? Great news! Purdue CCO has started a discussion on LinkedIn where Alumni and Recruiters share their advice for students with upcoming career fairs or interviews. Feel free to pose questions and reply to comments! To jump into the discussion join the Purdue CCO LinkedIn Group and look for … Continue reading LinkedIn Discussion: Career Fair and Interview Tips from Alumni and Recruiters

Fall 2014 – Resume Blitz

It's that time of year again! Career fairs are happening and employers are coming to campus in droves. Looking for an internship or full-time job? One of the best ways to catch the attention of a recruiter is to have a fantastic resume. Get your resume employer-ready by coming to the Purdue Center for Career Opportunities' … Continue reading Fall 2014 – Resume Blitz

Dream Company Networking

When heading toward your dream company, you need to pass two intersections: one that will determine the direction of your career/ industry and the other inquiring your networking strategy.  Since you already have a dream company in mind, you have successfully turned the “right” way at the first intersection toward your dream career.  Now, you’re … Continue reading Dream Company Networking