Soft Skills: Teamwork

Teams are an essential part of most professional careers. At one point or another most jobs require some form of teamwork, therefore the importance of working well in a group setting is undeniable. Here are some strategies to effectively collaborate with others in the workplace: Check your ego at the door. Often stated, rarely executed, … Continue reading Soft Skills: Teamwork


Soft Skills: Receiving Feedback

In the workplace and life in general, receiving feedback and criticism is a difficult thing. In the last entry of our core series we discussed strategies to improve doling out feedback, but now we’ll discuss the less covered process of receiving feedback. First we must understand that when it comes to feedback there are always … Continue reading Soft Skills: Receiving Feedback

Soft Skills: Public Speaking

From team presentations to product demos, effective public speaking can make or break certain projects. Consequently, clearly conveying concepts provides an essential foundation for success. Delivery forms the crux of a strong public speaker. The manner in which you carry yourself when presenting a deliverables update or a product demo is key. Follow these simple … Continue reading Soft Skills: Public Speaking

Soft Skills: An Introduction

  Employers often throw around the phrase “soft skills” ambiguously. What are soft skills? How are they different from hard skills? Why do they matter, and how can I develop them? Throughout this series, we’ll delve into all of these questions – but first, let’s assign some concrete definitions: Hard skills are often referred to … Continue reading Soft Skills: An Introduction