What happens on myCCO after I click “apply” for a position?

Thanks to our myCCO expert Janet (https://www.cco.purdue.edu/FacultyAndStaff/Staff/JanetGlotzbach) for sharing frequently asked myCCO questions from students, we are able to demystify some of the hiring process.   Q: What happens after I hit the “apply” button on myCCO? A: Just like your myCCO account, employers who want to hire at Purdue can create an account via … Continue reading What happens on myCCO after I click “apply” for a position?


We’re Hiring! Become a 2017-18 CCO Peer Consultant

Working at the CCO is one of the best, and most wise decisions I have ever made. For those who don’t know, Purdue’s Center for Career Opportunities hires students to guide other students and alumni through what can be challenging professional development documents and questions. The CCO provides valuable services to Purdue students, including resume … Continue reading We’re Hiring! Become a 2017-18 CCO Peer Consultant

The Internship Mindset

The internship search can be daunting. You have the opportunity to intern anywhere in the world doing anything you want. In the midst of an infinite amount of opportunities, we tend to only focus on a few. If, by chance, those few internship placements don’t work out for us, we tend to lose confidence, drive, … Continue reading The Internship Mindset

Jobs 4: The Persuader

Do you have an uncanny ability to read other people's nonverbal communication and to anticipate what others will say and do? Do you love the challenges of selling and negotiating? Are you good at getting people to do what you want? If so, congratulations! You are a persuader! Read on to see 10 jobs that would be … Continue reading Jobs 4: The Persuader