How To React After Landing A Job

Nobody likes a show-off... Our solution? Humble bragging. Humble bragging has become an essential part of interacting with recruiters and landing a job. A humble brag is a statement in which you portray modesty while simultaneously telling people about your successes or achievements. While humble bragging can be beneficial during the job search process, it can be inappropriate once … Continue reading How To React After Landing A Job

Objective Statements: Are They Important?

As many students are scrambling to finish up their internship and post-grad job applications, I've noticed a lot of confusion on whether or not an objective statement was necessary and if they decided they were, nobody knew what exactly to say. The realm of objective statements is definitely full of gray areas, but we're here … Continue reading Objective Statements: Are They Important?

How close are you to becoming a true professional?

PROFESSIONALISM. Do you know what it means? Here are 6 basic foundations for becoming a true, successful professional. 1. Specified knowledge Professionals have a deep understanding of the topics in their respective fields. While some professionals are set apart because they have the highest degrees and certifications to prove it, all professionals work in a serious, thoughtful, … Continue reading How close are you to becoming a true professional?