Perks of a Phone Interview

“Congratulations! Our recruiters enjoyed talking with you. We’d like to get to know you a little bit more. Please email times you’re available for about 30 minutes and we’ll schedule a phone interview for some time next week.” - A recruiter turning my excitement into panic in a matter of seconds                                       Let’s be honest, … Continue reading Perks of a Phone Interview

Can 140 Characters Get You a Job Offer?

Maybe. Twitter is burgeoning with companies and recruiters. Do a people search of “careers” on Twitter. You’ll find General Mills Careers, Monster Careers, Boeing Careers, Target Careers, Disney Careers, Microsoft Careers, Google Careers, and many more. Just about every big company will have a Twitter account dedicated to job postings and advice on getting a … Continue reading Can 140 Characters Get You a Job Offer?