Gaining Professional Experience In College

With the job market as competitive as ever, it's important to graduate college with at least some level of experience. Even though gaining valuable experience may seem difficult at first, it can actually be quite simple. Opportunities are everywhere, as long as you know where to look. However, if you still feel a little lost, here … Continue reading Gaining Professional Experience In College

How To Make This Your Best Year Yet

With the first week of classes almost complete, we hope you're as excited as we are to have a productive and exciting school year. With that being said, here are some tips from the CCO on how to ensure it's your best year yet. 1. Get organized. With a new year comes a fresh start. Use … Continue reading How To Make This Your Best Year Yet

Class of 2014 It’s Your Time!

Graduation is this week! Bring on the celebrations Some of us have jobs or post-grad plans and are like  but some of us are still searching like  Either way, we're all grown ups now. Right? As we graduate, we can get caught up in having to say goodbye to a place we called home for 4 years and … Continue reading Class of 2014 It’s Your Time!

TEAMS: A Simple Acronym that Works

According to Forbes Magazine, the primary skills that recruiters for all majors look for in a candidate are leadership, diverse communication, philanthropy, and teamwork.  Of the four skills, only one doesn’t contain the letter “I”; teamwork.  This means two things: first, “I” doesn’t exist in the word teams and second, the letter doesn’t exist in … Continue reading TEAMS: A Simple Acronym that Works

Active Studying: How to Memorize Things Quickly

Learning takes time and lots of repetition. As students, time isn't always a luxury we have, especially when it comes to cramming for exams. This is why "active studying" methods  are so important. Active studying is the utilization of all our senses to reinforce memory. Our brains accept new material much faster if it "hears," … Continue reading Active Studying: How to Memorize Things Quickly