How To React After Landing A Job

Nobody likes a show-off... Our solution? Humble bragging. Humble bragging has become an essential part of interacting with recruiters and landing a job. A humble brag is a statement in which you portray modesty while simultaneously telling people about your successes or achievements. While humble bragging can be beneficial during the job search process, it can be inappropriate once … Continue reading How To React After Landing A Job

Career Closet To The Rescue!

Are YOU wondering how you can afford an outfit for your upcoming interview? Perhaps you can relate to this: At the CCO, one of our goals is to provide professional clothing to students who are unable to afford proper interview attire. Read on to see what we can do for you! A closer look into the process of visiting … Continue reading Career Closet To The Rescue!

The Internship Mindset

The internship search can be daunting. You have the opportunity to intern anywhere in the world doing anything you want. In the midst of an infinite amount of opportunities, we tend to only focus on a few. If, by chance, those few internship placements don’t work out for us, we tend to lose confidence, drive, … Continue reading The Internship Mindset

Dreading writing a cover letter? Not anymore.

Ah, the dreaded cover letter. What people don't realize is that the cover letter helps an employer get a feel for your personality and what you can bring to the company. The cover letter gives you your opportunity to shine. Tackle these steps and all you will have to do is get interview-ready. Understand the Company Culture The … Continue reading Dreading writing a cover letter? Not anymore.