How to – Skype Interviews

Companies and universities are increasingly turning to Skype to save time and travelling costs. Even prestigious organizations such as the Harvard Law School have turned to Skype to screen potential applicants in the admissions process. Virtual interviews using videoconferencing software such Skype are quickly becoming a norm in the professional and academic worlds. Here are … Continue reading How to – Skype Interviews

Social Media Clean-Up

So you’re searching for a job or an internship and being passed over for offer after offer; you’re a great candidate, and you’ve done everything you’re supposed to. Are you still unsure as to what you’re doing wrong? Let’s talk social media. We’ve all heard it time and time again—that it’s a necessity to clean … Continue reading Social Media Clean-Up

Pay Your Social Media Do’s

Social media is all fun and games… until you’re trying to get a job. You’ve heard the social media don’ts: Don’t post anything you don’t want a hiring manager to see Don’t friend/connect/follow people you don’t know Don’t talk about or have pictures containing drugs and/or alcohol Don’t use poor grammar Don’t use profanity … … Continue reading Pay Your Social Media Do’s

Overused Exclamation Points!!!

Alright, so this is something I struggle with on a day to day basis!  Honestly, I’m just a very easily excitable person, so when I use exclamation points, they’re genuine.  However, overuse of exclamation marks is very well documented online as one of employers’ top pet peeves, and a lot of people attribute overuse of … Continue reading Overused Exclamation Points!!!