Jobs 4: People Who Don’t Want to Work in an Cubicle

1. Production Engineer - Hallstar Job duties: - Assist Plant Manager and Production Manager in developing, improving, and testing chemical plant processes, products, and equipment by performing the following duties: - Examine the process and equipment applications and suggest improvements to optimize operations and expand production capacity - Monitor daily plant operations and investigate/resolve process … Continue reading Jobs 4: People Who Don’t Want to Work in an Cubicle

Internship Spotlight: Kristin Neal

Major: Agricultural Sales and Marketing Year: Senior Where did you work this summer? GEICO in Carmel, IN What was your role? Management Development Intern What were your duties? - Planned events within the Indianapolis location to help boost employee retention - Participated actively in marketing events to promote the brand - Shadowed individuals in each … Continue reading Internship Spotlight: Kristin Neal

Fall 2014 – Resume Blitz

It's that time of year again! Career fairs are happening and employers are coming to campus in droves. Looking for an internship or full-time job? One of the best ways to catch the attention of a┬árecruiter is to have a fantastic resume. Get your resume employer-ready by coming to the Purdue Center for Career Opportunities' … Continue reading Fall 2014 – Resume Blitz