To Intern as an Underclassman or Not?

Are you a freshman or sophomore thinking about getting an internship or a co-op? One look at the stats below will tell you you're thinking on the right track. 60% of 2012 college graduates who participated in an internship received at least one job offer 95% of employers are looking for college grads with experience … Continue reading To Intern as an Underclassman or Not?

Winter Break – Perfect Time for a Job Search

Finals week will soon be over and then what will you do with all your free time over winter break? Begin looking for an internship or job of course! We have highlighted a few suggestions for using your winter break effectively in your search. Know your strengths– Take a career assessment to guide you towards … Continue reading Winter Break – Perfect Time for a Job Search

Internship Lowdown

An internship is a great way for students to gain professional experience in their field before they enter the real-world. This makes students more marketable and ensures that they will enjoy the career field they have chosen. Below we have outlined four ways to go about finding internships. Internet – Using the internet is a … Continue reading Internship Lowdown