The Ultimate Guide To Having A Great 1st Day At Your Internship

The first day of your summer internship can be a little intimidating. The pressure is on to impress your supervisors and other employees. With these tips, you will be the most confident and prepared one in the room! 1. Wear the perfect outfit. Part of making a great first impression is dressing appropriately. It is best … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide To Having A Great 1st Day At Your Internship

Are You Ready For Your Summer Internship?

You finally landed your internship and you're ready to start the summer. You may feel that the hardest part is over now that you've completed the interviewing process and officially accepted your offer, but it's still important to continue preparing for your internship to ensure that you make a good impression. To make sure you start off … Continue reading Are You Ready For Your Summer Internship?

Why Finding An Internship Should Be At The Top Of Your To Do List

While the U.S. economy is back on its feet, finding a job is still as competitive as ever. In order to position yourself as a strong job candidate, having an internship (or 2, or 5) on your resume is nearly imperative. Whether your major is engineering, computer science or communications, there are things to learn in internships … Continue reading Why Finding An Internship Should Be At The Top Of Your To Do List

Never Say Never: Post-Grad Internships

The end of your senior year is near, and the countdown to graduation is officially in the double digits. It seems like your friends are securing jobs all over the country faster than you can even blink. However, nothing seems to work out for you. You've applied to every job you can find on myCCO and revised … Continue reading Never Say Never: Post-Grad Internships

5 Internship/ Job Search Resources

Here are a few internship resources to help you find and apply to internships, co-ops and full-time positions! Where to Start   Login to myCCO myCCOmyCCO is Purdue University’s job search tool. Using myCCO, students can search and apply for internship, part-time, or full-time opportunities. First-time users → Purdue Career WikiKey features include: career guides, … Continue reading 5 Internship/ Job Search Resources

Internship Spotlight: Bryan Ryder

Major: Aeronautical Engineering Year: Junior Where did you work this summer? GE Aviation in Madisonville, Kentucky What was your role? Manufacturing Engineer What were your duties? - Upgraded processes to prepare for new engine production - Communicated new processes to operators to improve productivity and product output - Analyzed data to complete process capability and … Continue reading Internship Spotlight: Bryan Ryder