10 Ways to Lose a Job Offer

Similar to Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, students make mistakes to drive away employers just as Hudson did to drive away Matthew McConaughey’s character. You walk into the interview and know that nobody on earth is more qualified for the position than you, but you walk out with a … Continue reading 10 Ways to Lose a Job Offer

What You Forgot to Take to Your Interview

If you show up to an interview with nothing but a resume, then you are forgetting something. As great as your resume may be, that piece of paper isn’t going to get you hired. When interviews just aren’t getting results, equip yourself with a few more tools. Some are obvious, some seems silly, but every … Continue reading What You Forgot to Take to Your Interview

You Interviewed, Now What?

Your interview may be over, but your chance to make a great impression is not. Check out these 8 tips below to boost your chances at landing the job!  Show you’re still interested – Leave no doubts in your interviewers mind that you still want the job. A simple phrase such as, “I feel I … Continue reading You Interviewed, Now What?

Acing Your Interview

Although a first interview is often the most intimidating, the following advice can help you create a great first impression on your interviewer by not appearing too inexperienced. Dress appropriately – In your interview the goal is to impress upon your interviewer that you are a professional. The important thing to focus on is being … Continue reading Acing Your Interview

Interview Follow-Up: Call Me… Maybe?

Have you ever been left on the hook, still waiting by the phone days after your interviewer said he’d get back to you? Every time your phone rings you get excited hoping it’s him, and then let down when it isn’t. It’s just like waiting for a boy you like to call you after you … Continue reading Interview Follow-Up: Call Me… Maybe?