Holiday Networking Tips

Are you excited for winter break and for your finals to be over? I bet you have a whole break full of lounging around, eating TONS of holiday food, hanging out with family, and shopping with all of that Christmas money. I understand that with such a busy schedule planned you may not have much … Continue reading Holiday Networking Tips

Dining Etiquette: Some Tips

There are many instances in your career when dining etiquette will be of importance.  Whether you’re networking, attending a “get-to-know-you” lunch, a dinner interview, or a business meeting over food, you need to be able to eat while still presenting yourself professionally.  Here are some tips to keep in mind so you don’t embarrass your … Continue reading Dining Etiquette: Some Tips

Personal Branding: it’s not only about social media

Today I attended an American Advertising Federation professional chapter luncheon where Ray Compton, Sports Marketing Guru, spoke.  Something he spoke about that I believe anyone getting ready to go out into the job market, not just in advertising, should consider was personal branding.  Ray basically said, yes, social media branding is important in today’s society, … Continue reading Personal Branding: it’s not only about social media

… Post Syllabus Week

It’s Post-Syllabus Week! You know what that means; classes have just begun and will now consist of actual work, instead of activities for getting to know your professors, classmates, TA’s.  You are still catching your friends up on your summer activities and learning about theirs, and you’re branching out to make new friends. Most likely, … Continue reading … Post Syllabus Week