Perks of a Phone Interview

“Congratulations! Our recruiters enjoyed talking with you. We’d like to get to know you a little bit more. Please email times you’re available for about 30 minutes and we’ll schedule a phone interview for some time next week.” - A recruiter turning my excitement into panic in a matter of seconds                                       Let’s be honest, … Continue reading Perks of a Phone Interview

Etiquette for the Non-Traditional Interview

Picture an interview. You’re in a room facing a recruiter, the recruiter asks you questions, you answer questions, you shake hands, you leave, and you wait for an email or phone call to see if your impression of the interview was the same as the recruiter’s. Well not all interviews are traditional. Some non-traditional interviews … Continue reading Etiquette for the Non-Traditional Interview

Phone Interview Horror Story: Learn from my mistakes

Once I scheduled a phone interview while I was babysitting my eight and five year old cousins.  My reason for the timing?  “These kids are always perfectly well behaved.  I’ll just have them play in their rooms while I’m on the phone.  What could go wrong?”   About 15 minutes before the interview, I told the … Continue reading Phone Interview Horror Story: Learn from my mistakes