Ten Tips To Staying Productive Over Winter Break

Ahh, the fall semester is finally over and we're all looking forward to going home and binge watching our favorite Netflix series in fuzzy winter-patterned pajamas, downing questionably large amounts of  our mom's homemade hot chocolate and avoiding the polar vortex at all costs. While it's important to relax and take a breather after a crazy … Continue reading Ten Tips To Staying Productive Over Winter Break

Social Media Clean-Up

So you’re searching for a job or an internship and being passed over for offer after offer; you’re a great candidate, and you’ve done everything you’re supposed to. Are you still unsure as to what you’re doing wrong? Let’s talk social media. We’ve all heard it time and time again—that it’s a necessity to clean … Continue reading Social Media Clean-Up

Pin Your Way to Success… What??

That's right, Boilermakers... No social media platform will be left out in your job search this year! While you clean up your Facebook and tweet important career-related articles, you can also pin for various elements of your job search. Your next question... What would I pin? Well, think about it. You need to know how to … Continue reading Pin Your Way to Success… What??