What to Do When You’re Stressed About an Interview

You've just impressed recruiters at a career fair and now they want to interview you! Oftentimes stress and nervousness build up in anticipation of an interview. Guess what? By following these guidelines, there will be no room for stress or nerves! Prepare and Plan. The most important thing to do before an interview is research the company. … Continue reading What to Do When You’re Stressed About an Interview

3 Reasons Why the Interview Didn’t Get You the Job

Ever leave an interview with a huge smile on your face? You KNEW you rocked it and expected that offer within a week. However, when you received an email from the company, you were surprised to find yourself turned down for the job opportunity. The interview was flawless; what went wrong? You Psyched Yourself Out … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why the Interview Didn’t Get You the Job

The Dangers of Procrastination

Oh the woes of a college student. We all know, maybe a little too well, what happens when we procrastinate until the last minute on a project, studying for an exam, or a paper, but knowing the consequences doesn’t always keep us from performing the action. Plus, procrastination can come from many different roots. Different … Continue reading The Dangers of Procrastination

What are Informational Interviews?

What exactly is an informational interview?  An informational interview is where you interview a professional in your industry about their career, industry, or position.  Informational interviews are especially useful in situations where there isn’t an intern position posted in your desired company, if you’re trying to learn more about a company, or wanting to expand … Continue reading What are Informational Interviews?

Phone Interview Horror Story: Learn from my mistakes

Once I scheduled a phone interview while I was babysitting my eight and five year old cousins.  My reason for the timing?  “These kids are always perfectly well behaved.  I’ll just have them play in their rooms while I’m on the phone.  What could go wrong?”   About 15 minutes before the interview, I told the … Continue reading Phone Interview Horror Story: Learn from my mistakes

Virtual Career Fairs: Virtually painless

So what’s the deal with all these virtual career fairs?  What are they like and how can you make a good impression in one?  If you’re anything like me, when I first heard the term virtual career fair, I imagined webcam interviews on a mass scale and was a bit freaked out.  However, once I … Continue reading Virtual Career Fairs: Virtually painless