Health Programs Expo 2017

Thinking about applying to medical school, dental school, or other professional program? Wondering if your GPA is competitive, if you have enough clinical hours, or what you should do this summer? Attend the Health Programs Expo! This is your chance to talk with admissions representatives of over 60 health professional programs including medical, dental, physicians … Continue reading Health Programs Expo 2017

The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

What is a MMI? In a traditional interview, the applicant and one or two interviewers discuss the applicant’s background, experiences and qualifications, and career motivations through a question-and-answer format. The MMI is a very different type of interview designed to gauge communication skills, critical thinking skills, knowledge of current healthcare and societal issues, and ethical … Continue reading The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

Preparing For Your Professional School Interview

Congratulations on being invited to interview for your professional program! No doubt you are excited, relieved, and nervous. These tips will help you prepare to shine at your interview. Remember the point of the interview – it’s all about fit! Schools are assessing your fit for their professional program. What is your motivation? Do you … Continue reading Preparing For Your Professional School Interview