What Makes A Good Leader?

You always hear recruiters or potential employers talking about how they look for students with leadership experience. But what does that actually mean? There are definitely great leaders, and there are certainly bad leaders. I started thinking about this when my roommate approached me for ideas on what to write about in her leadership blog for a … Continue reading What Makes A Good Leader?

We’re Officially In The Future: Digital Interviews Are A Thing

When you imagine the future, you probably imagine flying around in spaceship-like cars through futuristic-looking cities, floating in the midst of outer space (And yes, I am taking this imagery from the Star Wars movies). However, if you think back to even just ten years, I bet you would've never imagined the things we have today. The … Continue reading We’re Officially In The Future: Digital Interviews Are A Thing

Never Say Never: Post-Grad Internships

The end of your senior year is near, and the countdown to graduation is officially in the double digits. It seems like your friends are securing jobs all over the country faster than you can even blink. However, nothing seems to work out for you. You've applied to every job you can find on myCCO and revised … Continue reading Never Say Never: Post-Grad Internships

Why Do A Peer Mock Interview?

With spring recruitment fair season in full swing, we think it's important to shed some light on the CCO's newest service and how it can be of benefit to you. The CCO has recently launched the peer mock interview service, giving us the ability to accommodate more students than ever before. While the CCO has always … Continue reading Why Do A Peer Mock Interview?

Why You Should Attend Summer Camp Recruitment Day

Ah, summer. In the midst of winter, summer can seem like a fond, distant memory. However, now is the time to be getting your summer plans together, which is why you should be attending Summer Camp Recruitment Day. Summer Camp Recruitment Day brings in summer camps from all over the country to recruit Purdue students for various … Continue reading Why You Should Attend Summer Camp Recruitment Day

Jobs 4: The Creative

Consider yourself a "creative"? Typing the word "creative" in the search bar on MyCCO elicits 318 results, and it's not even prime recruiting season. Not familiar with MyCCO? Don't worry, we can catch you up through this blog. These jobs are specifically posted for Boilermakers, and we wanted to share ten of the results to get you started … Continue reading Jobs 4: The Creative