5 Ways to Seal the Deal

With interviews winding down, recruiters are starting to make final decisions on who they want to hire. Make sure you are on that list by remembering these 5 ways to seal the deal! Closing Interview Statement: Most interviewers will ask you if you have any questions and then follow that by asking if you have … Continue reading 5 Ways to Seal the Deal

Tech Sales Bootcamp

Learn about the field of technical sales and marketing and how to take advantage of its strong career opportunities. These opportunities often lead to leadership positions by engaging with executives and recruiters from several companies at the Tech Sales Bootcamp! Topics include a basic overview of how to use sales and marketing skills to pursue … Continue reading Tech Sales Bootcamp

Ten Tips To Staying Productive Over Winter Break

Ahh, the fall semester is finally over and we're all looking forward to going home and binge watching our favorite Netflix series in fuzzy winter-patterned pajamas, downing questionably large amounts of  our mom's homemade hot chocolate and avoiding the polar vortex at all costs. While it's important to relax and take a breather after a crazy … Continue reading Ten Tips To Staying Productive Over Winter Break

How to reduce end of semester stress

Do you have a long list of things to do before the end of the semester? With all of the last minute projects, papers, and presentations, it is easy to get stressed out. Here are 7 tips to reduce your end of semester stress. 1. Don't stress about being stressed. This is the most important tip! … Continue reading How to reduce end of semester stress

Why CCO?

The stats have arrived for the 2013-2014 school year, and we're pretty excited. Whether you're attending Purdue, or deciding whether or not becoming a Boilermaker is the right choice for you, it's exciting to see Purdue recognized for many of the things it has to offer. Recently ranked the 3rd best university career services in the nation, the … Continue reading Why CCO?

You’re Going to Succeed During Finals Week…. Here’s How:

Below you will find some general study tips gathered to help you succeed. Do not stress, just stay focused and keep your eye on your goals. Sleep. At this moment you still have enough time to prepare for all of your finals. You have at least 6 days to study, not cram. Sleep will be … Continue reading You’re Going to Succeed During Finals Week…. Here’s How: