Let’s Talk Body Language…

1. Avoid the awkward handshake.

awkward handshake

A handshake should be firm and express confidence, not limp or overbearing. Practicing with your friends can be helpful.

2. Although your personality is vibrant, save certain gestures for appropriate venues and times.awkward movement

You should also be aware of your body language when you’re out and about during career fair weeks. You never know where recruiters will be, but you certainly don’t want them seeing your perfected version of the twerk in the middle of a Wednesday evening happy hour.

3. Avoid excessive head nodding.head bob

This can come off as a nervous habit or as too eager. Instead, maintain good posture and nod in appropriate areas of the conversation.

4. Save excited gestures for when you get home. girly gestures

People are watching even when you exit the interview room, so be aware of what you say and how you are acting.

5. Flirtatious behavior is not acceptable, no matter how cute you think the recruiter is.flirting gestures

This behavior is inappropriate and can make others feel uncomfortable, which could jeopardize all of your chances with a company.

6. Be aware of your facial expressions, particularly if your emotions are easily read on your face.facial expressions

Don’t let others make assumptions of your thoughts based on your body language. Keep your face neutral and smile when appropriate.

One thought on “Let’s Talk Body Language…

  1. Enjoyed this blog. The difficult thing about gestures is avoiding the very natural, yet annoying ones we all have and practice. These tips remind me to be self-aware.

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