Back to School Bingo

Coming back from break can be a bit hard on all of us… See if you won a Bingo this week by being or spotting some of these people on campus.

People who have never been to the Co-Rec in their entire college career show up with no clue 

workin out

In the words of Craig Cainkar, Purdue senior, “abandon all hope, ye who enter the corec.” He had it right!

People still adjusting to a normal sleep schedule who can’t quite keep their head up in intro lectures


People who got tons of new clothes for Christmas and show up looking like a fashion model on the first day


Contrasted with the “I have no one to impress” people


People plagued with senioritis

take a nap

People who got lost/went to the wrong classroom


People fighting over the last required course book at the bookstore


People who didn’t get a light workload for syllabus week at all


And finally, the people who used free time to their advantage and updated their resume and had it critiqued at the CCO



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