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CCO LinkedIn Boot Camp Week 5: Build Your Network…It’s not about what you know. It’s about who you know.

The “Week 4: GET CONNECTED” LinkedIn Bootcamp blog demystified the process of connecting with those you don’t know, but who are pursuing careers you aspire to. Now that you have these tools, we’re going to explore how you can take advantage of this new information through a couple avenues of LinkedIn.


Why are we continuing to expand your network and explore all LinkedIn has to offer? Because it’s all about who you know. The more people you know, the more introductions, information and resources, event invitations, advice and support, and increased access to opportunities you have. Who doesn’t want that?!

This week, we’ll explore how to expand your network through LinkedIn’s Company Page and Group features.

1. Company Pages

All actions start with a good brainstorming session. Think about the companies you would love to work for. Are they companies like Eli Lilly, Dow AgroSciences, Google, or Sears Holding? Once you have thought of all the companies you would be ecstatic to work for, go to the Search Bar on the top of your LinkedIn profile, type in one of your dream companies, select “companies” so you only search for what you want, and click search!


Now start following companies! Company profiles provide a wealth of information to the job seeker. Here are some highlights:

  • Possible connections and contacts within a company
  • Recent updates on company happenings (a great resource when you’re preparing for a career fair or job interview)
  • How you’re connected to the company, easily identifying your first and second-degree connections
  • Job postings

2. Groups

Joining groups maximizes your opportunity to connect with people on LinkedIn. Consider joining groups that allow you to engage with people in your target industry or connect with people who have similar interests. Of course, it also makes sense to join alumni groups.

Currently, LinkedIn allows members to join up to 50 groups. Join groups wisely and interact within groups on a consistent basis.  Starting or contributing to a meaningful discussion gets you noticed.  This doesn’t mean you have to log-in to LinkedIn every day and respond to posts but interacting with group members and posting your own relative content can get you noticed. You can also learn a lot about your industry by following the conversations in groups related to your field.

You search for relevant LinkedIn Groups by using the same search tool you used when you searched for Companies, but instead of clicking “company” on the left-hand side of the search bar, click on “groups”.

*The more you contribute, the more likely you may appear when you are Googled.  Contributing insightful content on LinkedIn let’s your potential employer see your value before they even meet you.


REMEMBER: When you message people within a company or group, use the LinkedIn Etiquette tips you learned in LinkedIn Bootcamp Week 4: Get Connected and draft a personalized message to that potential connection. Happy Networking!

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